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Social life

We're proud of our busy social calendar, and with such a diverse mix of members, our socials are always great fun!

Monday socials

Each week we hold a social in a different pub somewhere on Campus or in Lancaster. Get your week off to a fun start experiencing the variety that Lancaster has to offer while enjoying a few relaxed drinks surrounded by good company. See the Calendar for weekly locations.

There is no official social planned for any upcoming Mondays yet. Check Facebook though as an anti-social might be going on...

December: Christmas Dinner

Celebrate the end of first term with style by ditching those scuffed hiking boots and donning your fancy wear!

February: Annual Dinner

Post-Election dinner in Lent term to hand over to the new Exec. Similar to the Christmas Dinner, but with fancy-dress strongly encouraged!

February: GAP/LASS Night

The most mysterious social of the year; you'll only hear about the details via email. The two sexes do different things for the night, eventually meeting up, with the girls probably concerned by how drunk the boys got themselves.

June: Big Weekend Out

We like to send out the year with a bang, but BWO is actually rather laid back. Past years have involved large numbers of us camping, enjoying a barbeques and swimming (often in painfully cold lakes and oceans).

Summer: Campus barbeques

When the perpetual raincloud over campus takes a day off we love a good barbeque. Simply the best way to avoid summer exam revision! Oh, and did we mention free food?

Summer barbeque, 2009.