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Reserve list and refunds

If all the available spaces on the minibus are already taken you can sign-up anyway and be added to a reserve list. This allows you to take part if we find another driver and can fill another minibus, or if someone from the main list drops out. We’ll contact you quickly if this happens using a contact number provided. You'll be asked to pay to go on the reserve list as this is easier than chasing people up for payment after the trip.

We regret that if you decide to drop out we cannot necessarily give you a refund as this would affect our budget and be unfair to others to suddenly cancel a trip due to your drop-out causing a loss. If you wish to drop out, please let us know as soon as possible. The full policy for drop-outs is as follows:
  • If you sign up for the trip and then drop out, you will not get a refund unless there is someone on the reserve list to fill your place.
  • If you are on the reserve list, you are expected to be able to make the trip and not to make alternative arrangements. If you are told you are on the trip but then say you can't make it, you will not get a refund unless someone else can fill your place (and the original person will get a refund), with one exception:
  • EXCEPT FOR: If the original person on the trip drops out after 12 noon on the Saturday before a Sunday trip, or 12 noon on the Thursday before a weekend trip, then we realise this is often too late notice for reserves, and so unless a reserve can fill the original person's place, the original person on the trip will not receive a refund (and any reserves will).
If you're on the reserve list it's advised to have your gear ready for the weekend, and to keep your phone and on check your emails regularly in the run-up to the trip.

Of course, if a trip needs to be cancelled or you were on the reserve list and weren't given the chance to replace someone, visit us after the trip to get your refund.