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2017 Freshers

  posted by Kieran Brahney on 2017-07-16

A huge congratulations to everyone who has been accepted to Lancaster this year! Interested in joining the Hiking Club? Read on...


Michaelmas 2016

  posted by Emma Pearce on 2016-12-19

I was very fortunate to almost accidentally join LUHC in 2014 as a complete novice to hiking. Sure, I had walked with my family and completed Bronze D of E, but I was far from being classed as a hiker.

Welcome to Lancaster!

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2014-09-29

A huge welcome to everyone that arrived in Lancaster over the weekend! Interested in joining the Hiking Club? Read on...


Roy Bridge trip report

  posted by Andy McCormick and Sam Harrison on 2014-03-12

An account of the trip to Roy Bridge in the Western Highlands a couple of weekends ago.

Congratulations to the new Exec!

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2014-03-04

Congratulations to the newly elected Exec who will be looking after the club in the upcoming year.