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Welcome to the new Exec!

posted by Sam Harrison on 2013-02-12

Congratulations to the new Exec after their respective victories at last night's Elections. It was a great evening and thanks to everyone that turned out to vote, especially to Mark for making the long journey down from West Cumbria!

So, without further ado, here is your new Exec that will be looking after the club in the following year:

  • President: Alison Hardwick
  • Vice President: Dominic Cozzi
  • Secretary: Emma Woodrow
  • Treasurer: Alex Katsaitis
  • Safety Officer: Harry Golding
  • Gear Officer: Calum Ross
  • Web Officer: Me again! (Sam Harrison)
  • Social Secretaries: Chloe Hanmore and Xanthe Rann
  • Publicity Officers: Alex Norton and Will Mansfield
Full details, including answers to important questions such as "What is your favourite cheese?" and "What is your favourite whisky?" will appear on the website in due course.

Here's to another fantastic year of hiking!