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Fish, chips and cake

posted by Sam Harrison on 2011-06-22

Summit of Arnside Knott
June 21: Social trip to Arnside.

This Tuesday saw the club's first ever (that we know of) social trip to the picturesque town of Arnside, just up the coast from Lancaster. We met at Lancaster station and caught the train (£3.30 return with a railcard, bargain!). It was a grey and drizzly morning and none of us held out much hope for the weather!

When we got there we checked out the opening times of the fish and chip shop and then went for a wander up Arnside Knott. At an elevation of only 159 metres, this is the lowest of all the Marilyns and fortunately low enough so we weren't in cloud when we got to the top!

We had a bit of a stroll around, which even in the poor weather gave some very nice views. After a few (unintentional) loops of the summit we headed back down to Arnside for some fish and chips by the seafront (or should I say, estuary-front). By now the weather had started to brighten up and we even got a bit of sunshine.

Next in line was a bit of a wander up the coast along the beach, before heading back to Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub for a relax in the beer garden - by this time the sun was making much more regular appearances.

Before heading home there was one last place to visit - a little bakery just up the road that we'd noticed earlier in the day, selling lovely cakes and other sweet things. It was then a quick dash to the train station to catch our train back to Lancaster.

All-in-all a lovely day out and one the club will definitely be arranging again sometime in the future!