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Bar Crawl tonight!

posted by Sam Daft on 2013-10-11

For all our new members (and of course, the old ones)... tonight is our first outing of the 2014 Michaelmas Term... and we're getting things kicked off with a BAR CRAWL!! This should give all those who are unfamiliar with Lancaster's night life the chance to get a good taste as well as introducing you all to your fellow Bimblers!!

This weekend also sees the return of the Lancaster Music Festival so we have included a few stops so that we can all experience some live music and get in the mood for what should be a fantastic year!

For those of you on campus we meet at Trevor (that's the Furness Bar just off the Furness Foyer) at 7pm... or if you can't make that just head to the Bus Underpass for 7.30pm where our own Xanthe Raan will be leading you into town! If you're already there then Sam 'Dafty' Daft will see in the White Cross Pub (the lovely one on the canal) at 8pm! Feel free to drop us a message if you need some more specific directions.

From there we will be cruising through Revolutions, the Penny Bank, The Tap House, Dalton Rooms and the Stonewell Tavern before splitting those who want to go all night from those who want to wind down. Either way, some of us will lead you to The John O' Gaunt and The Pub. Both will be playing more live music...or you could opt to head for Glow Rooms, and on to the other clubs until the sun rises!

So come along to experience some of the great music and finest alcohol that Lancaster has to offer, and kick off the year the right way!!

See you there!