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Patterdale trip report


posted by Emma Woodrow on 2014-02-07
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Having missed out on the Borrowdale trip the weekend before and following my massive food binge over the holidays, I was very glad to be back in the stunning Lake District for our walk from Patterdale!

The weather was absolutely awful, having arrived in Patterdale. Thus, rather than taking in the beautiful scenery, we stayed on the minibuses to discuss route options and waterproof-up! I signed up for our safety officer Harry's walk, as he was doing a relatively shorter one for a change, which planned to bag some of the less well-known Wainrights.

Setting off it was clear that the rain really wasn't going to shift, but we tried not to let it dampen our spirits (excuse the pun!). However, ascending up Angletarn Pikes, a relatively small Wainright at only 567m, it was clear that the rain wasn't the only thing the weather was going to throw at us; the wind was so strong that it was extremely difficult to walk and even stand up at times. As we reached the summit of the Angletarn Pikes the wind got so bad that a number of us even had to be escorted along the ridge! I'm sure the views would have been beautiful, as is always the case in the Lake District, however the wind was so horrible that we were only on the summit for a couple of minutes!

From here it was an easy walk to Brock Crags so we set off, collecting an old sheep's skull as a memento on our way, before reaching the summit just as the clouds started to part. Walking along the top the ground was extremely boggy so there was a lot of jumping over large puddles; I even managed a spectacular face plant into one of them at one point!

Having eaten, the group split leaving a small group to 'run' up Rest Dodd and the Nabb and the rest of us to head for home. The walk down was fairly easy and gentle and so we were taught about some of the great geography by our vice-president Dom! We were even lucky enough to see a group of rare red deer at one point!

Making it back to the pub we met up with the other groups again and all treated ourselves to a well-deserved cup of tea. Given all of our wet gear the stench from our seating area was horrific, but despite that, and the typical toilet humour of course, we all spent a good couple of hours chatting and drying off before heading back to Lancaster!