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Congratulations to the new Exec!

posted by Sam Harrison on 2014-03-04

A big congratulations to everyone who got elected to be a part of the Hiking Club Executive Committee for the next year. Leading you through the next fun-filled twelve months will be:

  • President: Dominic Cozzi
  • Vice President: VACANT
  • Secretary: Holly Smith
  • Treasurer: Ben Paske
  • Safety Officer: Tom Roethenbaugh
  • Gear Officer: David Thomas
  • Social Secretaries: Sam Daft and Alex Norton (temporarily)
  • Publicity Officers: Ellie Berry and Harry Golding (temporarily)
  • Web Officer: Me
We still need a VP, and nominations are open at foyer. If you think you'd be interested in the role, come and have a chat. No one stood for Web Officer and so I'm carrying on for the moment at least, but likewise, if anyone's interested, come and have a chat.