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Coniston trip report

  posted by Emma Woodrow and Alison Hardwick on 2013-02-12

This is a trip report from the Coniston trip by Emma, with photos from Alison.

Simon's group in a very snowy Coniston.
It was nice to have a bit of snow in Coniston this Sunday, made a pleasant change from the pathetic amount Lancaster gets! We started off on the 'traditional' Old Man of Coniston walk with Simon leading. However, due to bad conditions, we only made it three quarters of the way up before being forced to turn back and do a lower walk. Instead we decided to head to the Levers Water Reservoir, where another group had also decided to walk to. Having got a bit lower down, we stopped for lunch under the massive Pudding Stone Boulder to shelter from the snow. Seeing the reservoir itself was very surreal as the cloud was so low that you couldn't see anything, we half expected a polar bear to swim across the lake! We then walked back down the track into Coniston and met the other groups in the Crown Inn to enjoy a warm drink and to watch a bit of the Six Nations rugby. Overall, was a lovely walk and we were even lucky enough to enjoy the tuneful delights of Simon and Harry's rendition of the Lion King on the way back!

Free pancakes at foyer!

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2013-02-11

Matt cooking a pancake in 2011.
Every year, on Shrove Tuesday, the exec rustles up some yummy pancakes outside the Faraday foyer. This year is no different, so join us tomorrow for some pancakey goodness!

As we don't have limitless supplies of money, pancakes will be limited to members only, so please remember to bring your little yellow membership card down with you. Hopefully the weather will be good enough so that we can sit outside the Faraday foyer on the grassy area, and we will be there from 1-2pm.

Election Night

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2013-02-06

One of the most important nights in the LUHC calendar is coming up next Monday, and it is when you guys decide on who is on next year's exec! Come along to Faraday Lecture Theatre at 7:30pm to cast your vote, and feel free to heckle the candidates as much as you want.

Nominations for positions are still open, and there are a few roles we still need someone to fill, so if you fancy helping out the Hiking Club in the coming year, then come and put your name down! More info about the different exec positions can be found here.

After the elections, we'll be heading to Trev to celebrate (or commiserate).

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