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Planning Meeting and Elections results

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2013-06-25

Thanks to everyone that came along to the Planning Meeting and EGM last night. Here is a quick summary of the evening, and the events decided on will be appearing in more detail on the website over the coming week.


Congratulations to Sam Daft and Matthew Poulter on their successful elections to the positions of Social Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. As always, there was fierce competition from Ron (who mysteriously reappeared just before the meeting).

Planning Meeting

We've got some fantastic trips lined up for next term, and in a rather radical change from the norm, Glencoe will be our third of four weekend trips, and the second to Scotland. In Glencoe's usual spot, we have a trip to Beinglas, on northern end of Loch Lomond. We voted on the decision, and a strong majority wanted Glencoe later in the term. There is also potential for the final weekend trip of the term to be a Winter Skills weekend like we ran last year. Here is a quick summary:
  • Sunday, week 1: Langdale, of course!
  • Four weekend trips: Firstly, our Intro Weekend to Thirlmere, followed by Scotland trips to Loch Lomond and Glencoe, with the final one left open to wherever the snow is best.
  • Ceilidh!: Seeing as last year's Ceilidh was so successful, we'll be holding another one on the Friday of week 6.
  • Sunday trips to Coniston, the Yorkshire Dales (TBC), Borrowdale and Keswick.
I'll be adding the trips to the website over the next week, so check back later for further details.

Changes to the Constitution

As proposed in this news article, two changes to the Constitution were voted upon, and both were passed. The Constitution will be updated on the website shortly.

Last, but not least, I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! If you're around in Lancaster, keep an eye on the Facebook page for any unofficial trips or socials.


Munro bagging in Killin

  posted by Darren Axe and Sam Harrison on 2013-06-20

Apparently, the last time the club went to Killin was ten years ago! I think this is mainly due to campsites in the area not being open over the winter period. A few weeks ago, we took the risk of being eaten alive by midges and dared a summer visit to the Highlands.

On Saturday, Jim, Calum and me had the epic eight-Munro Ben Lawers ridge with Meall nan Tarmachan added on (because it was a choice of either 5 miles down the tarmac road or 6 miles over Meall nan Tarmachan - the latter being much more preferable!). Photos of this can be found in the photos section.

An amazingly still Loch Tay on the Saturday
Darren, Imogen, Lorna and Mouse also had a bagging mission on Saturday. Thanks to Darren for this trip report:

Munro bagging is indeed a strange pursuit. However it's appeal is incredible. Having not been out on a big ticking mission in a while, the prospect of a sneaky last minute trip to the Killin Hills in fine summer weather was very appealing.

The fine warm weather that had prevailed in Lancaster for the previous week promised to hold through the weekend so it was following a frantic packing session on Thursday evening, I was all set and stoked for another LUHC weekend in the north. The campsite at Cruachan Farm lived up to good expectations of comfortable toilet blocks with hot showers. Our reserved area was on a rather sloped section of the field, however it mattered not as it meant we were could spread out over a wide area, well away from any potential interruptions from late night BBQ's or snoring.
The dome shaped Carn Gorm (1020 m). Photo © Darren Axe.
Saturday's bagging excursion saw myself, Imogen, Lorna and Mouse getting dropped off in a lush and green Glen Lyon at the small settlement of Invervar. We were sharp out of the blocks and soon found ourselves well above the forested valley pounding up the beautifully grassy slopes of Carn Gorm. We remarked at the novelty of finding ourselves on a reasonable path on the ascent which (for Scotland) made short work of the 800 or so meters to bring us to the summit of the first hill of the day; Carn Gorm, a fine concentric dome of a summit with great views of the west highlands, Rannoch Moor and Cairngorms to the east. The route following took in a collection of Tops and 3 further munros. With the weather being so fine, we took a leisurely stroll from one to the next with Mouse taking time for all important quick kips on some of the summits - 'it's surprising how comfortable lying down among the boulders of a Cairn can be'! Our descent from Meall na Aighan, the final Munro for the day was an efficient trot down a fine nose down into the wooded waters of the Ivervar Burn. Given that we had completed our round of the hills around 2 hours quicker than expected, we had time to kill prior to our minibus pickup. Finding a picturesque deep pool in the Burn, we took time out, and I took the opportunity for a refreshing plunge in the pool. For our return journey to the campsite, we were treated by chauffeur Ivar to a trip up over the Tarmachan road weaving up and down steeply among the high hills of the Ben Lawers range.
Taking the plunge in the Invervar Burn. Photo © Darren Axe.
Saturday evening turned out rather damp and still on the campsite. This brought the midges out. We had come well prepared given the time of year and after all the cold weather of the spring, they were certainly far from their worst.

After a clearing of the sky by the end of Saturday evening, it was a rather cloudy start to Sunday morning. There were signs of brightness around, and we knew the sun must be streaming down elsewhere in Scotland so it wouldn't be long before the mist gave way to clear blue skies. It was up and over the Tarmachan road once again, this time dipping into the cloud briefly at the top of the cloud, as we headed over into Glen Lyon. We were off to the dam at the end of Loch Daimph for a quick 'bag' of Stuc an Lochain. The cloud wafted around, with the sun making its best efforts to create a clear view for us as we rounded the corrie rim to the summit. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be until we were well on descent back down to Loch Daimph that the skies did their magic and the sunglasses once again

BMC Winter Lectures at Lancaster

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2013-06-13

Good news - one of the British Mountaineering Council's (BMC's) Winter Lectures this year will be taking place at Lancaster University! We offered the use of one of our lecture theatres when we heard they were looking for venues, and we're please to say they accepted the offer.

You can't say we haven't given you enough warning on this one - the event, sponsored by Lowe Alpine, will be taking place on Wednesday 27th November, from roughly 7.30pm until 9.30pm. Full details can be found on the BMC's website. Look out nearer the time for details when we'll be selling tickets at foyer.

The lectures are aimed to get people set for the winter season, and will include topics such as:
  • Equipment and clothing
  • Navigation
  • Footwork
  • Route planning
  • Avalanche awareness
  • Climbing and much more

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