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Withnail and I screening at the Gregson

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2013-05-10

Our social next Monday, 13 May, is a bit different to usual, and instead of just heading to the pub, we'll be putting on our own private screening of the brilliant film Withnail and I in the Gregson Centre's 25-seater cinema. The film is a club favourite and until you've watched it, some of the things we say and do might not make much sense!

The screening will start at 8pm, but there will be a few of us heading there a little earlier to get a bite to eat - if you'd like to join us then show up around 7pm. It'd be great if you could pop down to foyer to put your name down on an interest list so we've got a gauge on numbers interested.

Finally, I leave you with this quote: "I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth. And indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition, that this goodly frame the Earth, seems to me a sterile promontory. This most excellent canopy the air, look you, this brave oer'hanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire, why it appeareth nothing to me but a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours. What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, how like an angel in apprehension, how like a GOD. The beauty of the world. Paragon of animals. And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me. No, nor women neither. Nor women neither."

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