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Grasmere trip report

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-11-08

This week's weather couldn't have been much more different than last week's! Sun and snow replaced torrential rainy and general ming, and we were treated to a perfect day out in the hills.

Impressive cornices on Helvellyn Lower Man
Four walks were on offer: Xanthe lead a bimble up to Easedale Tarn; Harry lead a long option over Helm Crag and back around to Seargent Man; Andy had the Fairfield Horseshoe and; myself and Jim drove further north to Thirlmere and did a loop over Helvellyn (including Striding and Swirral Edges in there for good measure).

The views when heading up Helvellyn were fantastic, and it was great to see the hills with a covering of snow on again. Calum got quite a few comments for having shorts on, but people seemed to understand when I pointed out "he's Scottish"!

Descending Striding Edge
We descended Striding Edge (for a change) and ascended Swirral, gaining quite a few puzzled looks from people that were doing the usual loop up Striding and down Swirral (why are they going back up again!?). It felt a privelage to be on the ridge in such good conditions and weather.

The summit of Helvellyn for the second time
From Helvellyn (for the second time), we heading south over Dollywagon and Nethermost Pikes, before descending from Grisedale Tarn towards the A591 and returning back to the bus through the forest that runs alongside the road. The forest track seemed to go on forever...

I think it's safe to say we all had a fantastic day out, and hope that we get many more days like that this winter!
Andy's walk up Fairfield. Photo © Marguerite Walley

Winter Skills course

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-11-08

Sign-ups for the Winter Skills course open next Monday. It's slightly earlier than usual so we can gauge how many people are going to be on the course. The trip is happening at the end of week 8, from 30 November to 2 December, and will most likely be to Aviemore. The course will cost a bargain £45, which will include transport, accomodation and transport. This really is a bargain, normally just the course on its own would cost over double that!

It will be run by Mountain Circles, the guys who ran our Avalanche Awareness Course last winter. It is ideal for anyone who hasn't done much (or any) walking in winter before, and is a great opportunity to learn how to use crampons and ice axes properly and safely. There is a bit more information on what the course will entail on their website here.

There will be a normal trip running alongside the course, which will cost £30. Sign ups for this open when they normally would, the Monday after.

Glencoe 2012

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-11-07

It's only a few day to go until the biggest and best LUHC trip of the year - GLENCOE! For those of you lucky enough to secure youself a place on the trip, the below link provides some important information about the logistics of the trip, and what gear you need to take.

Important information about Glencoe 2012

I'm looking forward to seeing you all there on Friday!

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