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Winter Skills course - sign up now!

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2013-11-18

Sign-ups for the Winter Skills course open on Monday. It's slightly earlier than usual so we can gauge how many people are going to be on the course. The trip is happening at the end of week 9, from 6 to 8 December, and will most likely be to Aviemore. The course will cost a bargain £45, which will include transport, accommodation and transport. This really is a bargain, if you were to go on an equivalent course at Glenmore Lodge, it would cost you over £200!

It will be run by Mountain Circles, the guys who ran Winter Skills course last year and our Avalanche Awareness Course the year before. It is ideal for anyone who hasn't done much (or any) walking in winter before, and is a great opportunity to learn how to use crampons and ice axes properly and safely. There is a bit more information on what the course will entail on their website here.

There will be a normal trip running alongside the course, which will cost £30. Sign ups for this open when they normally would, the Monday after.

Christmas Meal at The Borough

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2013-11-05

Christmas is quickly creeping up on us, and owing to that and the face that our Christmas Meal this year is at the end of November, signs ups are now open at foyer!

The meal will be taking place at The Borough on Friday 29th November at 7pm, and will cost £20 for three courses. Come down to foyer now to put down your choices. There is a menu at foyer, or you can have a look online here.

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