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Dent trip report

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-10-31

Wow, Dent was wet! Not quite as wet as Big Weekend Out last June, but close... The original plan, suggested by Imogen, was a walk up Great Coum and Crag Hill. We got as far as the Green Lane running around Great Coum and decided it was a bit too grim and instead carried on along to Deepdale Lane, before taking an interesting route back through the fields down Deepdale to Dent (including a few dodgy river crossings). In fairness, we did ask if anyone was still interested in going up Great Coum, and no one sounded particularly enthusiastic!

The A683 on the way back was flooded in a number of places and it made for an entertaining drive home.

Here's the GPS mapping of our route, kindly provided on Facebook by Ivar. Interestingly it says our fastest pace was 19.8mph - I can't remember going that fast!

The only photo I took all day!

Pre-Glencoe talk and EGM

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-10-24

The exec has called an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) next Monday, to coincide with the Pre-Glencoe talk. We are in need of a new Vice President, and voting will take place at the EGM.

Do you think you'd make a good VP? Come down to foyer this week to let us know. There is more information about the VP's role here. As an ex-VP, I can tell you it's a hard but very rewarding role, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time as VP!

The main purpose of the meeting on Monday is, however, our Pre-Glencoe talk. If you're thinking of coming to Glencoe, then this is the talk to come to! More information here. The talk starts at 7pm.

Hallowe'en Bar Crawl

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-10-24

Make sure you join us next Wednesday from 7:30pm, starting in County Bar, for our first fancy dress social of the year! The theme is, of course, Hallowe'en, and there will be prizes for the best dressed!

We'll be going to County, Bowland and Furness (Trev!) bars on campus, before catching the bus into town. We are provisionally catching the bus at 9:10pm and arriving at the Pendle Witch at 9:30pm, for those that want to join us in town.

The final destination of the evening will be Sugarhouse. Stay tuned for further details of how to get yourself onto the guest list!

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