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Welcome to the new website!

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-09-27

Welcome to a brand new version of the Hiking Club website - we hope you like it, it's taken long enough to create! This is the seventh major update the site has seen since its conception in 1994.

There are likely to be a few bugs, broken links and things that generally don't do what they're meant to do at this stage, and I'd be extremely grateful if you'd let me know by emailing webofficer@luhc.org.uk so I can sort them out pronto. Even if it's just simple spelling mistakes, I'd like to know!

Over the next few weeks I will be uploading a lot more content to the website, mainly in the form of information about past events and trip destinations. I believe strongly in keeping a record of the great things we get up to in the club and this new site is one way of doing so.


what's new?

  • Well, actually, a lot of the stuff on this site has been either pulled directly from the version prior to the last version (i.e. that was around circa 2007-2009), or at least inspired by it.
  • I've reintroduced a database of trip destinations, along with corresponding routes, as well as adding "trip events" to give you a bit more specific information about particular trips (along with linking to photos and report of past trips). Likewise for socials.
  • I've added a great deal more content to the info section, giving you info not just about the club, but also about hiking in general.
  • A forum has been reintroduced and I encourage you to go and register there now! There is also an archive copy of the old forum available here. Hopefully the forum will be the place to go to discuss, ask questions, post photos or write reports of past and future trips and socials.
Just one more point before I stop rambling and let you explore: Please try and avoid using Internet Explorer or Opera to view the website - I've done my best to make it look perfect in all browsers but you'll no doubt find bugs if you look closely in those two. I recommend Google Chrome if you're looking for an alternative.

Hopefully this website will be ever-evolving and so keep your eyes peeled for updates and changes over the next few months.

See you all in the new term!
Sam (Web Officer) and the LUHC Exec.

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