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Glencoe trip report

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-11-23

Apologies for the delay in publishing this report, but I wanted to make sure as many people as possible had sent in photos and wrote their experiences of the trip on the forum! Many thanks to Sarah, Marguerite and Jenni for the photos.

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Everyone on the summit of Na Gruagaichean. Photo © Sarah Roberts.
As always, the trip was a great success, despite the decidedly damp and drizzly nature of Saturday in particular. The three minibuses arrived at the campsite at varying times on Friday night, and we all retired to the Clachaig once the tents had been pitched. Jez brought his fiddle along and entertained us with a few tunes, which were greatly appreciated, especially by a merry group of Scots in the corner who noisily insisted on "one more tune" whenever he stopped playing.

Darren's walk at the col on the Ballachulish Horseshoe. Photo © Marguerite Walley.
The rain set in for what seemed like forever that night, and we woke to a very typical Glencoe view of cloud, rain, and general greyness. A few spots of blue did start to appear as we were having breakfast and sorting gear out though.

Sarah on the snowy ridge on Binnein Mor. Photo © Sarah Roberts.
Three walks were on offer: Darren lead a group up the two Ballachulish Munros; Jim headed inland to the Mamores and up Binnein Mor and; Mark, Jenni and Andy had the Pap. I decided on Jim's option, hoping for a bit more snow.

Unfortunately, the Mamore Lodge hotel that we were hoping to park at (knocking off 200m of ascent) has shut down, meaning we had to park in Kinlochleven itself. By the time we'd walked up Coire na Ba however, the rain had all but stopped. A vertical bog took us up to the col between Stob Choire a' Chairn and Na Gruagaichean, and we headed easterwards over Na Gruagaichean and Binnein Mor. There was plenty of snow about and the highlight of the day was a great little scrambly ridge on Binnein Mor.

Scott MacDonald on the Saturday night. Photo © Sarah Roberts.
That evening, Scott MacDonald entertained us with what was described on the Clachaig's website as "laidback tunes", but turned into lively and energetic dancing (on our behalf anyway). As always, it was a fantastic evening, possibly helped by a particularly nice dark wheat beer they had on. We retired to the minibus after the pub - what happened on the minibus stays on the minibus...

A bit of dancing! Photo © Sarah Roberts.
A bit of fun on Steall Bridge. Photo © Sarah Roberts.
Sunday morning was a lot brighter than Saturday! Jim and Alex lead a walk onto Stob Coire Nan Lochan, Darren up Sgorr nam Fiannaidh and Richard up Buachaille Etive Mor (though no one picked Richard's walk so he was on his own!). A few of us went to Morrison's for breakfast, and had a wander up to Steall Hut in Glen Nevis.

We set off home at around 4pm and got back to Lancaster not much before 11pm, after the obligatory stop off at Lesmes on the way home. All-in-all, another fantastic Glencoe weekend - I can't wait until next year!
Going up the Pap on Saturday. Photo © Jenni Lynn.

New tent and reserve list policies

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-11-20

In the light of equipment issues after the Glencoe trip and also because of some confusion regarding the reserve list and refunds, we've decided upon a number of changes we'll be making that are highlighted below.


We had a number of issues after the Glencoe trip: Firstly, not all tents were taken home to dry; Secondly, a supposedly dry tent was returned soaking wet and with mold starting to grow on it, after and despite of the email that we sent last week. The tents are expensive pieces of gear, and we can't afford to repair damage caused by neglect. As iterated previously, we have neither the space nor time to dry your tents out as well as our own.

For this reason we have decided it is necessary to introduce a refundable deposit to use a tent. Anyone who signs up for a weekend trip from the week 9 trip to Snowdonia onwards will have to pay £15 if they wish to use a club tent. Once we receive the tent back in a clean and dry condition, we will refund the deposit to everyone that used that particular tent. It is the person who returns the tent's responsibility to let us know who else used the tent, so we know that we can refund them as well. It goes without saying that if the tent is returned dirty or wet, we won't refund your deposit (unless you take it away and clean/dry it again).

We're sorry it has come to this, especially to all the people that take the time to properly look after our gear. We do really appreciate your efforts.

Reserve list & refunds

There has been quite a lot of confusion over the past few trips as to who gets refunds and when. We've decided to clarify this fully:
  • If you sign up for the trip and then drop out, you will not get a refund unless there is someone on the reserve list to fill your place.
  • If you are on the reserve list, you are expected to be able to make the trip and not to make alternative arrangements. If you are told you are on the trip but then say you can't make it, you will not get a refund unless someone else can fill your place (and the original person will get a refund), with one exception:
  • EXCEPT FOR: If the original person on the trip drops out after 12 noon on the Saturday before a Sunday trip, or 12 noon on the Thursday before a weekend trip, then we realise this is often too late notice for reserves, and so unless a reserve can fill the original person's place, the original person on the trip will not receive a refund (and any reserves will).
This is because, if we do not fill the minibuses, we make a loss on the trip. Please remember if you cannot make a trip to let us know as soon as possible, it makes things easier for everyone.

PEOPLE ON THE RESERVE LIST: Please be ready to go on the trip without much notice - it's quite often the Saturday before a Sunday trip that people drop out. Keep your phone turned on (ensure we have the correct number for you) and regularly check your emails to see if you've got on the trip.

I hope this has clarified the situation for people. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Christmas Dinner at The Sun

  posted by Sam Harrison on 2012-11-15

The Sun Inn. Photo © Matt Young.
That time of year has finally arrived and it's time to take off your muddy hiking boots and don your best apparel for LUHC's annual Christmas Dinner. This year we're going to The Sun on Thursday 6th December!

To come along you must sign up before hand, and you can do that at Faraday Foyer from now onwards. If you want to come you must sign up before the end of foyer on Monday 26th November as we've got to give The Sun final numbers and menu choices! We'll have a copy of the menu at foyer, or you can see it online here.

The cost is £16 for two courses, or £20 for three. It's a great opportunity to meet your fellow hikers out of their waterproofs and looking at least remotely smart!

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