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As well as running fantastic trips every weekend, we also put on many exciting socials during the week. Every Monday we have our weekly social - each week at a different pub in or around Lancaster - that starts at 8pm. We also plan a number of special socials, from meals out to pub crawls, throughout the year. They are all a great chance to meet your fellow hikers when they're not layered up in GORE-Tex and eVent!

Next Monday social

 is at...
Top Spoons (Sir Richard Owen) at 8:30pm on 22 Jan.

...and the

Monday after that

The Tap House at 8:30pm on 29 Jan.

Special socials coming up

 (i.e., those that aren't the weekly Monday social)

19 February 2018

  Elections & AGM at 7:30pm in TBC.

Past socials

15 January 2018

  The Herdwick (Grad Bar) at 8:30pm in The Herdwick (Grad Bar).       Photos

11 December 2017

  The Mill (Fylde College Bar) at 8:30pm in The Mill (Fylde College Bar).       Photos

6 December 2017

  Christmas Dinner at 7pm in Crafty Scholar.       Photos