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   Lake District

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 Sunday 26 January, 2014
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Red Tarn

Distance: 6 km   |   Ascent: 400 m
Grade: Easy

Red Tarn sits nesteled between Striding and Swirral Edges, with a backdrop of Hevellyn's eastern face providing a great deal of atmosphere. A great easy route without too much ascent.

Pinnacle Ridge

Distance: 8 km   |   Ascent: 700 m
Grade: Grade 3 scramble

An airy exposed scramble on the slopes of St Sunday Crag. Makes a fun, if somewhat short outing. Graded at Grade 3 in the summer, in winter conditions it becomes a mini Alpine ridge.

Striding Edge onto Helvellyn

Distance: 10 km   |   Ascent: 700 m
Grade: Moderate, with an easy grade 1 scramble

One of the most popular ridges in mainland Britain, Striding Edge is a fantastic way up England's third highest mountain.