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   Western Highlands
We ALWAYS go to Glencoe for the weekend of week 5 or 6 of the Michaelmas term. I think it must be in the constitution or something. But somehow, whether it's a weekend of brilliant sunshine on snow covered peaks, or whether it's like two days of trudging round on a large sponge in a wind tunnel while being blasted by a water canon, we ALWAYS have a good time. I think this has something to do with a thing called the Clachaig. I wouldn't describe the Clachaig Inn as the best pub in the world (in fact, during the week it's a bit like Bowland Bar but without the atmosphere, and of recent it's acquired a certain French flare) but on a Saturday, it's usually pretty packed and you can't fail to have a great night! In walking terms, Glencoe can look a bit daunting at first sight - all the hills surrounding the valley itself are large, steep, and craggy - but there's actually plenty of choice, especially if you drive a short distance. The Aonach Eagach is probably the most famous feature - a narrrow, exposed ridge running along the North side of Glencoe and providing a mile or two of scrambling at about grade 2 (although it becomes a grade I/II climb in winter conditions). It's supposed to be the best ridge walk on the mainland. Another popular choice is the Mamores - a group of 11 Munros between Loch Leven and Glen Nevis all linked together by pleasant ridges of varying narrowness. It's also perfectly possible to drive around to Ben Nevis. At that time of year, the weather can be anything from warm, wet and windy to clear and frosty, or snowing - be prepared for anything! Final warning: don't get talking to the owner of the "Dead Squirrel" campsite if you intend to return home before Christmas the following year.

If you go on one LUHC trip this year, make Glencoe be it.

Upcoming trips

There are current no upcoming trips to Glencoe planned. Come along to our next Planning Meeting in the last week of term to suggest it as a location for next term!

Previous Trips

 Friday 23 to Sunday 25 February, 2018
      Photos from the trip


The Pap of Glencoe

Distance: 8 km   |   Ascent: 700 m
Grade: Easy but with a strenuous ascent and some easy scrambling

The Pap of Glencoe (Sgorr na Ciche), lying at 742m, is one of the smaller mountains in the Glencoe area. It's distinctive shape and fantastic views over Loch Leven from the summit, however, bring many visitors and you can be sure of a Pap walk happening any time the club visits Glencoe!

Bidean nam Bian

Distance: 10 km   |   Ascent: 1000 m
Grade: Moderate, with strenuous ascents

Bidean nam Bian is the largest mountain in the former county of Argyll, standing at 1150m.

Aonach Eagach

Distance: 12 km   |   Ascent: 1200 m
Grade: Very exposed grade 2/3 scramble

Arguably the best mainland ridge in Britain, and undeniably one of the most exposed - a head for heights is essential!