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   Southern Uplands
Galloway, the far South-West tip of Scotland, lies just across the Solway Firth from the Lake District. Most people tend to race straight past it up the A74 on their way to the Highlands, but the Galloway hills are quite unique and distinctive, and well worth the detour. The central area around Loch Enoch is probably best reached from Glen Trool (where there's a good campsite), although you can also get to it from Loch Doon in the North or the A713 to the East. There are also a number of outlying hills such as Criffel and the Cairnsmore of Fleet. It's worth remembering that just because there's nothing over 3000 foot, the walking is far from easy. With the exception of the Merrick (the highest hill in the area at 2766 feet) there are very few (if any) paths and the terrain is very rough and hard going with thick, tussocky grass and heather, extensive rocky outcrops, and Britain's largest floating bog! But then that's what makes the scenery so distinctive - along with the brilliant white sandy beaches fringing many of the lochs. It's also possible to walk for 40 miles without seeing anyone else all day! Another unique attribute is the high concentration of bizarre or just plain silly names such as the Nick of Curleywee and the Lumps of Garryhorn ... or the Rig of the Jarkness and the Wee Hill of Craigmulloch ... In fact the whole of OS sheet 77 looks like it's been written by Tolkien on magic mushrooms.

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 Friday 27 to Sunday 29 April, 2018
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