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   Buttermere, Lake District

4 February to 4 February 2018

PAST EVENT: Week 3, term 2, 2018
Cost: £10
This week we're off to Buttermere!

Buttermere is a fabulous place catering for every type of walker. A walk around the shore of Buttermere itself takes only a few hours and offers a fantastic walk for those not wanting to enter the hills.

For those who do wish to climb the mountains around Buttermere, theres likely to be walks along Haystacks that Wainwright saidstand "unabashed and unashamed in the midst of a circle of much loftier fells, like a shaggy terrier in the company of foxhounds". Theres also Red Pike and High Crag that offer beautiful views down the valley.

Upcoming trips to Buttermere

There are current no upcoming trips to Buttermere planned. Come along to our next Planning Meeting in the last week of term to suggest it as a location for next term!