Driving for the Club

Information about the role of drivers in the club and how to get involved

Our Drivers

We’re fortunate to have a number of wonderfully dedicated drivers, but we can always use more to help us out. You don’t have to drive to Scotland or even regularly take part in trips, we’re grateful just for the odd trip here and there or to have you as a back-up driver.

Becoming a Driver

Drivers are essential to LUHC, and we are always looking for more, as we’re unable to run trips without them.

As a driver for the Club, you’ll be eligible for:

  • Free day trips and weekend trips
  • Full refunds on fuel and parking charges

There are two ways you can drive for us:

  • Driving your own car: if you drive already and own a car, then you can start driving for us straight away! See the contact details below.
  • Driving our minibuses: you’re eligable if you’re aged 21 or over, have a clean driving licence of at least 2 years and are willing to take an easy, 90 minutes test

Let Us Know

If you meet any of the above criteria and want to know more, then have a chat with any exec member at our next event or contact us in one of the usual ways: