Pick Up

Information about where and when we’ll pick you up for trips. For each trip, we use a combination of minibuses and our members’ own vehicles as transport.


See the map below for the locations we tend to pick up from. Click the markers for their names. When you book onto a trip, you’ll be given a choice of locations to be picked up from, generally those shown below:


For day trips, we tend to pick people up from campus at around 08:15 and town at around 08:30. For weekend trips, pickup times vary throughout the day, but they don’t tend to be earlier than 12pm.

Specific, personalised pickup information will be included in the confirmation email accompanying your booking onto a given trip, and we ask that everyone arrives at their pickup location at least 10 minutes early to ensure we stick to schedule and have plenty of time out on the hills. We will leave without you if you’re late, and you won’t receive a refund.


You’ll be picked up by one of our fantastic drivers! If you’re interested in driving for the Club, click here to find out more.