Refunds & Second Release Tickets

Information on how we manage trip drop-outs, resales and refunds

Refunds and drop-outs

First and foremost, please be certain you can make it to a trip while signing up. However, if you do end up needing to drop out, you must let us know ASAP, and before 6PM on the Friday before the trip! This is so we can comply with mandatory LUSU safety policies and make your ticket available later on for second release. Then, you’ll receive a refund if someone buys your ticket in second release (see below).

As usual, we respond the quickest to Facebook messages, but feel free to email us too.

Second release tickets

Any drop out requests we receive throughout the week will later be made available for resale as second release tickets. These can be booked in the same way as normal tickets through the relevant trip’s event page on the LUSU website. Second release tickets are made available at 7PM the Friday before a day trip or the Wednesday before a weekend trip.