The Archives

Various archived content from the Club’s history, including the previous website, from which a lot of this content has been taken directly


If you are interested in the history of LUHC, we have several log books in the stores dating back all the way to the clubs inception in 1967! These include accounts of the hikes, socials and other events the club would run written by then-current members. If you would like to view the records, let us know!

The Old Website

The website before this one was developed in summer 2012 by then Web Officer Sam Harrison. It remains online at, and plenty of links that worked on the old website are still available by simply adding archive. to the front of them. For example, the current calendar is located at, but the old calendar page can be found at

Older Websites

The Hiking Club website originated way back in 1994, and since has undergone a great deal of changes and different versions. Below is a relatively concise list of versions. Old versions of the website can be found on the Wayback Machine.

September 2012 – September 2020: Developed during summer 2012, then Web Officer Sam Harrison’s website was hand-coded in PHP and stood strong for 8 years, replaced by this WordPress site in 2020. It informed a lot of the fantastic content found on this site and was an invaluable long-term resource:

February 2010 – September 2012: Darren Jane’s WordPress-based website. Introduced a new colour scheme and the use of Picasa for storing photos. Unfortunately, removed a lot of the content and the forum from the previous version. Taken over by Sam Harrison in March 2011 and a number of new information pages were added:

Early 2007 – February 2009: Matt Fisher’s phpBB-powered, rather extensive and complete-with-forum website. The database backup from that site has provided a good deal of the textual content for the following websites! There was a rather “temporary” period between early 2009 and 2010 whilst Darren Jane’s site was constructed:

November 2003 – Early 2007: A longstanding version of the website, and the fourth major update the website has seen. We don’t know much more about it than that:

June 2000 – November 2003: The “yellow site”, and version three since the website began. Created by the then Web Committee, a group of dedicated members willing to give up their time to contribute to an ever-expanding website:

October 1997 – June 2000: Mk2 saw the introduction of a discussion board and trip report system. Created by Kevin Palfreyman and Jake Colbeck in October 1997:

1994 (or earlier) – October 1997: The original website and possibly the first ever home page for the Hiking Club:


Lancaster University Hiking Club has had a long and rich history, right from its conception back in 1967 to the thriving club it has become nowadays. Unfortunately, over the years, the wealth of logs and photographs taken back in the early days has been poorly managed and in many cases, lost for good.

Numerous members have attempted to catalogue the history of the Club, and probably the most successful were the attempts by the LUHC Alumni group back at the start of the last decade. With the demise of their website however, these archives have disappeared and finding information about the club in days-gone-by is becoming increasingly difficult.

Here are some photos from way-back-when to keep you going:

Glencoe, June 1967
Parade in Lancaster featuring an LUHC float, 1972
Old LUHC logo, Mike Amberry 1999